Erasing Lines

Well he met a girl. She could sing in key. He had some words a guitar. They started a band. And they sat on her bed rehearsing those tunes. Eyes tracing and erasing the line of just friends. "Maybe you should stay a while?" she said with a smile. "We could try some harmony lines. Doesn’t that sound nice?" Underneath a blue moon behind the venue she took a drag from a clove cigarette and said, "Man I hope you find, a little peace of mind and a love to derail you from the tracks in your head." “Maybe you should stay the night? Give us a try. Maybe you have all you want here in your arms.” Alone in night, they thumb through the screen. Looking for love with so many good leads. While we run down the road to our next gig. Underneath the desert stars muse about raising kids. Maybe love is all we need if we choose to see. Beauty is in everything if we choose to see.